Combo Gazebo

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The best of both worlds …

At well over five metres long this cracking combo gazebo is multi-functional, highly contemporary and practical at the same time.

You’ve got a fully enclosed section complete with doors and window for ventilation and there’s also an open sun shelter attached to the side that’s plentiful enough to hold seating, BBQ’s etc.

All frames are made from steel reinforced aluminium that is powder coated in a stunning Dark Anthracite colour.

The frame sections can be attached to both hard and soft surfaces to make a permanent fixture for outdoor entertaining and relaxing.


Add a gazebo heater and make things toastie warm when it’s chilly outside …

The roof section is made from tough, tinted polycarbonate fibre that’s UV stabilised to protect you and your guests from harmful UV rays whilst still letting the sunlight through to create a soft ambience underneath.

The window sections are manufactured from mica which is a silicate mineral very popular as a substitute for glass due to its tolerance across a wide range of temperatures making it highly durable. These mica windows are tinted in the same way as the roof panels – this offers a bit of privacy inside if needed.

The thick side curtains are spun from polyester and can be tied back to the uprights on the open shelter section.

They’re seam taped, lined and zipped making them highly durable and able to offer complete all round protection when closed.

They can be simply un-hooked from their runners when cleaning is required and the runners themselves stay housed safely in the frame itself.

Height: 318.1cm
Width 527.2cm
Depth: 372.1cm
Pacakaging Dimensions:
Box 1: 205 x 105 x 34cm
Box 2: 205 x 98 x 34cm
Box 3: 280 x 45 x 40cm
Box 4: 200 x 127 x 18cm

Combo Gazebo