Screen House 3.65mx3.65m

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Stunning aesthetic appeal and great for commercial and domestic customers …

With square window patterning that has a tinted, outer synthetic overlay and an inner synthetic gauze the Screen House is highly contemporary and eye catching.

The fixed side and roof panels have a dark tint in contrast with the single inner gauze covering the sliding door panels this offers a very distinctive and aesthetic parallel.

The roof panels are manufactured from tough polycarbonate and are, again, tinted.

The continuous tint throughout makes for a cool shaded area inside when the sun is shining but offers a warm space when it’s chilly making great for use all year round …

The frame sections are made from steel reinforced aluminium with an attractive silver-grey silver powder coating that looks great with the tinted overlays.

The whole unit can be fixed to either hard or soft surfaces offering a permanent fixture for entertaining friends and family.

€ 1995 Plus Delivery and import duty

Everything’s included in the advertised price with our Gazebo …

Full height: 276cm
Full width: 362cm
Height from floor to horizontal bar 191cm
Width of door gap :152cm
Post to post floor measurement :346cm
Width of vertical post 10cm


Screen House 3.65mx3.65m